Working for Alachua County Public Schools, Campbell Spellicy provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for a complete HVAC system replacement for this 44,000 sq. ft. existing school building. As a prime professional, we subcontracted Architectural services by Kail Partners Architecture + Interiors and Structural Engineering services by Sputo & Lammert Engineering.

Newberry Elementary School has experienced ongoing temperature control and humidity issues for many years and this project was initiated to finally solve these issues. While the scope was not established at the outset, Campbell Spellicy worked with the owner’s facilities, maintenance, and energy personnel to brainstorm possible solutions and ultimately determine an ideal scope of work to meet all of the project goals. The existing central rooftop AC systems were replaced with state-of-the-art variable refrigerant flow HVAC systems with individual room thermostats in every classroom. New dedicated ventilation air systems were provided with enhanced dehumidification controls and setback controls to ensure indoor air quality while optimizing energy efficiency.

Because the extent of new ductwork systems required removal of the existing ceilings, Campbell Spellicy recommended that the owner consider updating the building fluorescent lighting and replacing the aging ceilings as part of the project as well, neither of which was in the original scope or budget. Through cost-efficient HVAC design and by including the ceiling and lighting scopes as alternate bid options, the entire scope of work was able to be included within the original project budget. As a result, the entire building including all classrooms and offices were upgraded to high-efficiency LED systems with occupancy controls, dimming capabilities, and zoned lighting that now provide the school’s teachers with much more control during their classes.

The biggest challenge of this project was that the construction lasted over 15 months, spanning two school years, and was completed entirely while the school was occupied and operational. This required significant coordination of system configuration and phasing schedules as well as close communication and collaboration with the contracting team led by Shine & Company. We could not be prouder of our involvement in this project. The improvement to the building, both aesthetically and functionally, was as dramatic as any project we’ve worked on before.

Newberry Elementary School - Before


Newberry Elementary School - After