Our Values

  • Advocacy

    A commitment to provide our clients with peace of mind.

    We utilize our expertise to deliver precise, accurate, and detailed work that provides our clients with confidence. Through open communication, unmatched time management, and proactive cost control we are more than a consultant, we’re a trusted partner.

  • Humility

    A promise to honor every point of contact.

    We meet our customers at their level and endeavor to build relationships through authenticity, education, and respect. As a team, we’re willing to help every person, no matter what position they hold.

  • Growth

    A resolve to pursue personal and professional development.

    Innovation and constant improvement aren’t buzzwords at Campbell Spellicy, they are the way that we stay ahead of the curve and serve our clients best.

  • Positivity

    An inspiration to add positive value to every relationship.

    We believe we are all part of the same team and when our clients and collaborators have a positive experience, we all prosper.

  • Service

    A pledge to give ourselves away.

    We see ourselves as servants to our team, our clients, their families, and every end-user that is impacted by our work. For this reason, our firm embodies social consciousness through volunteering and charitable involvement.

Our Community

Our Strength is Our Community

Campbell Spellicy Engineering continuously strives to take an active role in supporting the Gainesville community. We are privileged to support several phenomenal organizations and events including those highlighted below.

Our Team

  • Kevin M. Spellicy

    Kevin M. Spellicy,


    President / Mechanical Engineer

    Extension: 706

  • Jose S. Alzate

    Jose S. Alzate

    Project Manager / Electrical Design Engineer

    Extension: 708

  • Diego De La Hoz

    Diego De La Hoz

    Engineering Designer / Mechanical

    Extension: 709

  • Charles G. Datko

    Charles G. Datko

    Engineering Intern

    Extension: 707

  • Michael A. Insua

    Michael A. Insua,


    Electrical Engineer

    Extension: 702

  • Lesley C. Holler

    Lesley C. Holler

    Office Manager

    Extension: 703

  • Colton T. Woods

    Colton T. Woods

    Mechanical Designer

    Extension: 705

  • Amy R. Lipinski

    Amy R. Lipinski

    Business Manager

    Extension: 701